Will you tell your partner when you go out with your ex?

My ex boyfiend is coming to visit my city, and we contacted. We both may want to go out to meet, we haven't seen each other for over half a year I guess. Still I will have a little pain, heartbreaking when talking to him or see him. But I love my current boyfriend, and he's on vacation somewhere. Should I tell my boyfriend I may go meet the ex? If I don't tell him, I feel guilty. If I don't go, I feel a little regret for not meeting the old friend.

I knew it's a bad idea. I've struggling and feeling lonely while my boyfriend on vacation. I contact my boyfriend, telling I need him before I contact my ex. My boyfriend did not reply me anything, it makes me feel more lonely, which makes me want to meet my ex.


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  • Personally, I would never go meet an ex. 6months is not a very long time. If you do decide to go meet him (Which I strongly advise against because as you have mentioned.. you are still a bit hurt from that relationship) I hope you DO tell your boyfriend. Honesty and trust are imperative in a relationship. Also ask yourself this: If your boyfriend was still a little hurt by his ex girlfriend, and she was coming to town while you were on vacation, would it be OK with you if HE were to go and meet up with her?

    Off the top.. This is a bad, bad idea.


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  • That is not fair... and is really lame @ Update. Your boyfriend is on vacation.. there is nothing he can do for you at the moment to ease your loneliness. If all it takes for you to turn your back on your boyfriend is contact from your ex.. you should not be in a relationship.

    • Sometimes when he's enjoying his life without me, and at the same time there are always other guys around, I feel I can always have choices, why I have to just keep waiting my boyfriend. I feel unfair too.

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    • I give up. Go see your ex.

    • haha, Thanks for talking to me anyway

  • your very selfish, how would you react to him seeing his ex, giving how you feel about your ex. Tell him you can't meet.

    • he told me he and his ex are friends now.

    • well then..ask him in advance if it's OK with him, does he meet his ex too? I think people should not be in touch for a lond time before being friends again, it makes a lot of problems.

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