How to show a guy interest on a first date?

Im really shy and I'm going on a date in a few days... the guy is really cute and I think I like him... how can I show him that I'm interested in him? just be really friendly? should I give him a hug when we meet up or say goodbye?


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  • A good way to show that you're interested in someone is to be inquisitive and attentive. Ask questions about his family, friends, work/school, hobbies, goals, interests, etc. Ask open ended questions if you want detailed answers or want to converse longer. Compliments almost never fails(e.g. a physical attribute or his style, shirt, shoes, etc) to convey interest in a person.

    In order to avoid giving him mixed signals it may be a good idea to tell that you're shy. It will help him understand you better and moments where you may appear to be reserved or quite.

    When you say goodbye, give the guy a hug and tell him that you will talk to or see him later. That will likely leave him with a good feeling about you and the date. Good luck.


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