Lack of phone calls ring a bad start?

We have been dating for over a month now - nearly 2 months. We text each other every single day, we meet up once or twice every week (cos of different time table). I know he likes me quite well, I like him too. And we both initiate texts - so I never feel like he should be texting me first or I should make him wait or whatever lol (which I've felt with other guys before). Anyways point is, we don't talk on the phone as in call each other. He's called me before like the first 2 weeks - but the calls never went for long. I've never called him though, so is it weird or bad that we don't talk on the phone?


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  • Some people just aren't phone talkers. Has long has you two are contacting each other frequently then I don't think anything is odd about your relationship.

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