I like a girl who is getting used by my brother, what do I do?

My brother is a player and there's this one girl who likes him a lot. He just takes advantage of that and gives her only physical attention. I was introduced to her and we gelled really well together. she then started calling me to meet her and kept calling me and messaging me. Her best friend is also a close friend of mine now and she said that this girl regrets not having met me before my brother and she thinks I'm more boyfriend material and that she is considering me. Feelings clicked after yesterday where we all went for dinner together, she and my bro were holding hands and cuddling in the car and today in the movie theater they were cuddling and sitting.I haven't told my brother anything. only yesterday I asked him why he doesn't date her when he's somewhat jealous that she has started to meet me often. He gave very mixed and confused answers(so it is possible he has some feelings, but he hasn't done anything in months). I was in a bad mood last night and today and she messaged me now and asked whether I was in a bad mood when I left the car.

What do I do I still haven't replied to the message...pls reply asap


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  • Do not interfere with your brothers relationship.

    Stay within your boundaries.

    If your brother wants to use girls or treat them badly, it really isn't your place to involve yourself by trying to "take" that girl away from him.

    Sit down with your brother and tell him how you really feel about the girl. Perhaps he will be understanding , and give you the "go ahead". If he doesn't then look elsewhere.

    There are plenty of girls out there, who aren't involved with your brother, who you can possibly develop feelings for.

    Do not start dating her behind his back, that will only cause bad blood between you two.

    Remember relationships with girls come and go, but family is always forever. If you do that you will can break your foundation of trust with him (and your relationship will never be the same). If you are willing to lose a brother just to gain a girl (who you will probably only date for a short time), then that is a bad decision.

    • but I like her and he doesn't have feelings for her. My brother does not give her any attention. He ignores her calls and messages and only talks to her and asks her to meet him when he's horny

    • You might not necessarily like what your brother is doing, but it isn't your place to interfere. Like I said if you have feelings for her and want to be with her, talk to him man to man (and see what he says). You do not want to ruin a relationship with your brother over a girl.

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  • Well honestly why not go for it? If your brother is just using her and not wanting anything with her then you need to swoop in and get this girl. You have to seriously think if you would be okay with your brother just taking this girl on you.

    Are you going to be okay with them sleeping together and then having to hear about that? Sounds to me like you have serious feelings. Maybe talk to your brother too about this. If he isn't going to make a move, then you need to. This girl obviously has feelings for you.

    I don't understand though if she likes you why she is continuing to see your brother and cuddle with him and hold hands? Why not just ditch him and be with the person she likes?

  • This is a weird situation, because she's acting like she likes both of you. If I were you, I would stay out of it, but who knows what will happen.


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