Is this lack of chemistry or not trying hard enough?

I have ask this girl out on a date and during the date, our conversation is like I ask a question and she gives a reply, and conversation stops. And the cycle repeats again. Sometimes she starts a topic but it ends quickly. Is this a problem with our chemistry or am I not trying hard enough? I am quite nervous throughout the whole date.


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  • I don't think its a chemistry problem but a social problem that you guys just don't connect on a social level. You don't have enough to talk about and things in common to keep the conversation going. She's not the right girl for you because this should not happen until you have been with someone for years.

    • Thanks for your answer, but I think you may be generalizing the situation. Anyway is this my problem (because I cannot socialize with her) or is it just that we are not suitable?

    • Well I'm not saying you aren't sociable but you guys just may not have things to talk about I really don't know I can't tell unless I'm there.

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