Girls, why would you do this?

So I dated this girl a few months ago. We went on two dates before she told me she is getting back with her ex. We hooked up on the first date...I really wasn't planning on it at all, but she started it and it just went. Since then, she would text me every couple weeks but when I mentioned getting together, she would not reply. Finally, after a couple months of the not replying thing, I called her out on it. Asked her what's up and she sent this huge apology text saying how her life is sh*tty right now and she's a little lost. Reason was that ex she went back to f***ed with her again. We text for a while and then this Friday, she told me I should come over to her place because she's house sitting and nobody will be home and that I should spend the night... but then said not hooking up because she can't do that with anybody for a while now. That night, I told her she should text me after she gets off work. She didn't. So I called a while later, but no response. Then a couple hours after that around 10PM I call again to see if she's OK. I was worried about her because we had plans but she dropped all contact. I left a voice mail saying how I was just calling to make sure she's OK and that she should call me or just text me to let me know she's fine. Finally at midnight she calls me but she's just balling in tears. I get her to calm down a bit and I convince her to let me come over to help her through it.

So I get over there and she tells me the story of her life. She said that only a couple people know it and those are the parents(by finding out on their own) and a couple of her best friends. But me and her have only known each other for a couple months. While she's telling the story about her ex, I reach over to hold her hand and she grabbed on hard. Then I had my arm around her and she put her head into my chest and would push in hard when she got emotional. Then she laid out and put her head on my lap and we still held hands and were paying either each others fingers. And I was stroking her hair while we were still talking it out. We sleep together in the same bed(but she wasn't close to me in it).

So girls, would you do all of those things if you didn't have any feelings for that guy? Or was she laying on me and holding me and all that just as a friend?

After I left, I texted her saying how she's a great person and shouldn't let a guy bring her down like that. And that after she goes out that night, that she should let me know if she wants me to come over again to keep her mind off of it. After she went out to the movie that night, she texted me saying the movie sucked. So I responded to that but she didn't reply. So an hour later I text her again asking if she wants me to come over again or if I should go to another friends house. A while later she finally replies saying how she went out for drinks after the movie and that she's just hanging out with her brothers tonight and "plus it's a little late".

And she also said she "did it" which means she talked to that ex and totally broke off contact with him. I respond to that one saying how it's good she did that and hope it'll be tough but it's for the best. Then I said goodnight and I'll talk soon. But she again, didn't reply. If she really did like me, she would have responded, right? I all of a sudden really like her. I liked her before the night we spent together, but after it, I have strong feelings and I don't know how she feels anymore.


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  • Um..move on before you get hurt. She is still hung up on her ex. Even if she did like u... her mind is only going to be on his stupid ass & finding a way to deal with have no chance with her because she is not in the right fram of mind.Sometimes girls do get too close when there not that inerested in having more, we'll touch & hold & be affectionate, but it doesn't mean we wan't more (Look at how we are with our other friends that are girls, we touch, joke, & hug). It just means she likes you enough to seriously trust you & you were there giving her comfort when she was needing it. You sound like a really amazing guy..go find a girl who's going to give to you love back. Cause if she did want more she wouldn't ignore your texts. When were seriously interested we answer. Trust me.


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  • she's all wraped up in him still, she might get back with him, so you'll just wait and see. But in the mean time get together with other girls that you might like, or find something wlse to take your mind off it.

    • She already got back with him once, and he screwed her over again. The guy is a douche. What she did last night was call him and tell him that they are done talking. She really wants to get over him.

      But what do you think she thinks about me? Would she do those things just as friends? But if she really likes me, then why wouldn't she reply to my goodnight text? :/ I always have the worst luck with girls... ugh!

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  • Move on as you are the back burner boy and she has no intention of being with you.

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