Is it okay to call her, reassure her, talk about what happened.....or just forget it and don't look back?

a little over a week ago she said we need to stop seeing each other.. says she wants to be with me but her gut says it won't work. Says she is happy when she is with me and finds me attractive and trusts me. Had asked I felt about about things (been communicating and seeing each other when we could for 3 months) I answers and she said ti was reassuring and and what she needed to hear. Mentioned how no one has every treated her so good and she could feel a connection.

I gave her over a week of space and she texted me the other day and then ended the text with just wanted to pop in and say hi.

My feelings for her after not changed. Is it okay to call her, reassure her, talk about what happened.....or just forget it and don't look back? I my heart says to go after her. Any insight to what's going on or how I should handle?


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  • Well that's almost the same situation with me and my boyfriend. I told him that I needed more space, That's he's a great guy and everything. I just started second guessing myself if I still liked him or not. I told I wanted to still be with him, but I just wanted some space because I need to think. I am happy with him though. Later I texted him hey and we talked about it. You should call her for what I think. She shouldn't mind you asking about what happened. If it's a real relationship and if she trusts you, she should be able to tell you anything.

    • I guess I have trouble understanding the whole I want to be with you but my gut tells me it won't work and I am not 100% why..? If she is scared of things not working is it dumb to talk with her about that and tell her how she knows it won't work without trying?

    • Well if she's scared of things not working out she may have had an ex who treated her wrong and she doesn't want to that to happen again. We blame our boyfriends for things that haven't done because our ex's have done it in the past.

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  • golden rule #3490285;

    when a woman says she needs to think or she needs space, it's over.

    • Interesting.. Anymore of these 'golden' rules, mister?

    • golden rule #6424219;

      the only time you should beg a woman is when she has a gun at your head.

  • Never, ever chase a girl unless you know she wants to be pursued. If you feel in your heart & gut that she wants to be with you then go get her otherwise your better off chasing car tires with Lassie, & less painful too. Trust me I know, I got the scrapes & broken bones to prove it.

    • lol... I have been down that road too... she said she wants to be with me and is happy when we are together... but her gut says it won't work... women suck at times... if only they didn;t come with baggage

    • I hear ya, when it becomes work I'll just walk away now & forget it. A girl is not worth it if they won't meet you half way. And it's surprising how fast "some" change their tune once they realize they can or have been replaced. Sadly it's usually too late by then as once I move on I'm done. Do what needs to be done, it's painful at times but only until the next one comes along. Good luck!

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