Why can't I find a boyfriend?

Hi I'm 24 black slim have a full time job and have been single 3 years. I just don't seem to meet guys who want to date. Are all the guys my age just looking for sex? What do men want in a woman? Would love to know where I'm going wrong


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  • It possible that your method for meeting guys is the problem. If you think you're a decent catch and keep getting the same type of less than decent response, change up your approach. Maybe find a new venue for meeting people.

    • In some ways this is quite possible, even if you think the guys are decent guys. Try meeting men somewhere else, and try going out w/a different type of guy. Also, if you are dressing a little too revealing or somehow talking about sex --they might think that is what you want. If you are talking about other guys (or some other thing they dont' like), they might decide they don't want anything but would try for sex.

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