What is a good place to be with someone you love, but are not in a relationship with?

Ok, so I've known this girl for 2 and a half years now, and I love her with all my heart, but don't know her exact feelings about me. We live over an hour apart, so we rarely get to see each other... as in, 3 times a year, and that's if we're lucky. Her foster mom has agreed to try to set up a time for us to be together this summer, and I was wondering what are some places that don't cost much money where we could be together, and not be to awkward? I am going to be a Junior this year, and she is going to be a Freshmen, so both of parents will probably be there with us, at least at a distance. I was thinking along the lines of going to a park, and having a picnic, and then maybe going on a trail or something. Does this seem like a good idea? I really want it to be enjoyable, especially for her, but with my family being short on cash at the moment, we're kind of limited on options. Do any of you have any suggestions? Also, what would be a good gift to bring her? I write her a lot of poems, and have made other stuff for her in the past (like beaded jewelry, and a wooden clothes pin angel)... I would like it to be something I can make myself because I know that she enjoys that kind the most. Any suggestions?

Thanks ahead of time for those who reply! =)


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  • how sweet, first of all. young love can be way cute :) I think the park/picnic is a fine idea. maybe go on a bike ride? go fishing? maybe swim at a local pool? try looking up online in your area of things they offer for free to do. like, in my state, we even have a free zoo.

    a poem sounds lovely. or maybe make a picture of some kind.

    i hope things work out for you, it must be tough for you. I wish you both great luck in the future and on this adventure :)


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  • Dodgersmom said some good things. The picnic/walk sound great. You will be alone to talk and can have a good time. If you want, you could bring a frisbee in case it gets awkward (or something to toss around or do-- like playing cards).

    As far as what to make her, you could make her a candle (beeswax or other) --maybe.. You sound artsy/creative. You could attache a little ribbon with a very short note (poem-like). You could make her a bracelet or anklet (you've probably done this already). you could make her some kind of hair clip/barrett (of course that could be risky). You could make her a book mark. Good luck.


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  • Yeah, young love is cute until someone gets hurt. Ask her out to the movie or something. Ask her how she feels about you.

    Know this, the relationship will most likely not survive. But, it will allow you to explore what it feels like so you won't be like me (in my early 20s) and have no idea how to talk to a girl and then you will find yourself in a sh*t hole when things go to hell and you have to see that person every day.