Did I do the right thing by stopping her?

Well, I broke up with her two years ago. Since then, there have been occasional events of flirting, and one day that we acted like we never broke up, but that's beside the point. Recently, I saw her again in our old high school's fundraising fair. We got along, and I saw her new boyfriend, who I got along with as well.

The problem is that while we were there, She mentioned herself trying to get off smoking and having been clean for two months, which I praised her for. Not even two minutes after that, another friend of mine came up and offered her those "make-your-own-Cigarette" packets. At first, she denied it, but he mentioned it was a specific brand and she quickly agreed.

Well, having a history of denying any form of alcohol and tobacco, I told her "no", and stopped her from following him, which a buddy of hers praised me for. She told me I wasn't in charge of her, but I just shook my head and continued to block her path. She immediately antagonized me and stormed off somewhere else inside the campus.

I never argued with her like that before(If you could even call that arguing), and ever since that day, I've wondered, "Did I do the right thing?" Even though she and I aren't together anymore, I still care about her health. So to wrap things up, DID I do the right thing? Or should I have just let her live her life?


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  • Of course you did the right thing. It shows that you care for her. People should care for each other more often. It isn't the norm nowadays for people to look out for each other, but you did was really positive. It makes me happy to know that people like you still exist.

    Most people mind their own business calling like you to be "nosey". I believe that the norm is to stop people from harming themselves using polite words or actions. It's their choice not to respond or do what they want, but at least I'd sleep that night thinking that I did a good thing to a fellow human being.

    Don't wonder. You did the right thing. :)

    • Thanks. The thing that caught my attention was that it showed how much she changed since we were together. The "her" of back then would have immediately remembered I don't like smoking and understood my point of view.

    • ...or maybe she is teasing you - wanting you to know that she could do whatever she wants whether you like it or not.

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  • Not your chick, not your problem