Interested in her but she has a boyfriend?

I got to know this girl really well from a dating site. She moved to my area about a month ago. It said on her profile that she was not single but searching for something on the site.

When I met her in person after texting on the phone back and forth like crazy she was really into me. I acted normal like usual and we hit it off really well. We were just walking and talking about each other and questioning about one another. She did say she wasn't sure what she was looking for which confused me since she has a boyfriend but in a couple states away. Later she told me that she was supporting him and all this other stuff. I can only assume she is looking to see what else is out there instead of supporting a deadbeat?

When I walked her to her door there was that tension of the kiss. I didn't know what to do in that situation because I don't believe in cheating. So I just said I'm going to go and I did just that. She texted me as I was driving saying she had a great time. I responded and told her to rest up because I'm picking her up later that night to go bowling. Shockingly, it work! We had a blast again-- we laughed, poked fun at one another, and just overall had a great time. I drove her home and as I pulled into her drive way I thought she was just going to get right out and say thanks. But she stayed in my car just talking for 2-3 hours! With the occasional awkwardness for a potential kissing moments. I didn't want to make a move because I'm totally against cheating. The only reason she got out of my car was because she had to pee and we called it a night.

I'm confused on what to do. Keep it just to friends? Should I make my move? If I do and she backs away what should I do then? Any advice would help.


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  • F*** off. She has a boyfriend. Don't be a selfish, whoring homewrecker.

    What goes on in her relationship is really none of your damn business. The point is that she has chosen him as her boyfriend and not you so you need to have some damn respect and stop being a self centered, Jerry Springering whore.

    • I was just curious on what to do in this situation overall, thank you for your answer though. I never had this type of situation happen before in my life. I never asked on specifics about her relationship she told me stuff as in venting. I don't whore myself out either, I've only had one girl friend in my life and I don't do the whole one night stand either because I'm so scared of an STD. Like I stated before I don't cheat nor would I get involved in someone cheating on with.

    • Well like I said, back off, leave her alone. If she wanted you, she would be with you and not her man.

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