What do guy consider to be a needy girl?

i would like to text the guy I like but I always end up texting him first even though everything I see him he tell me to text him... I don't think he know I like him. our convos are short and meaningless...we talk more like friends that's it... I like to tell him I like him but since he never text first I believe he doesn't like me or maybe I would come off as too needy ... he only text me once at 2am after he finish hanging... he wanted to hang out and smoke with me... should I tell him f*** it ...


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  • I'd say "needy" and "clingy" are more reserved for actual dating relationships than anything else.

    It doesn't sound like you're too happy though with your conversations. Do you hang out often? Maybe you should get together and talk so it won't be so short and meaningless.

    He hasn't shown much interest, so don't bother showing any either especially by always texting first. It should be balanced and when one person has to initiate all the time it's a bad sign.

    Sorry to be so negative. You deserve a guy who gives you much more attention.


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  • The man is supposed to take initiative.

    It's good to text him a few times to show interest, but if he's not texting you back, then he doesn't like you or he's playing hard to get.

    don't text him until he texts you.

  • it's very difficult for a girl to come across as needy, clingy, desperate


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