Will a woman no longer interested in seeing you still text you throughout the day/into late night?

Does a girl do that to "let the guy down easy?" We've been texting each other every day basically but only seeing each other once every few weeks . . . I'm asking now because she has flaked out twice now, always on things I initiate (when she initiates I always show up like a good doggie *cringe*). It still hasn't reached our usual 3 week interval though lol, maybe I was just jumping the gun? Anyways, do women bother texting just to make themselves feel less like a**holes? If so, as I man, and I think I speak for all other men, JUST DON'T AGREE TO MEET UP IN THE FIRST PLACE AND JUST SAY NO . . .NO AGAIN . . . THEN BY 3RD TIME WE'LL GET THE MESSAGE . . . THAT IS THE EASIEST WAY FOR BOTH PARTIES NO? Lol OK there's my rant to the female world.


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  • I'm that she is doing this to you. Bad apple, she is. I think most women, in general, do not do this. I have read & been told that when men text a woman, it doesn't mean anything. It's out of boredom. But I can tell you for myself & from my friends & coworkers (we actually recently d/c'd this, lol) we don't text with men unless we are interested, esp. at night. We just won't waste our time doing that.

    This girl, on the other hand...does not sound like a good gal for you.

    • Ok maybe I put too much negative spin on the situation. First off, the main reason I like her in the first place was that she was really relaxed about everything, "don't think too much, let's just have fun". Which at this stage in my life is exactly what I was looking for. Also, she was the first to invite me out to meet her friends, which I kinda flake out on her. Maybe I made it sound a little to one-sided in the question. Anyways, I think the biggest prob is the frequency - I want more!

    • Have you actually told her that you want more? If not, I think you should, but, be ready to hear that she doesn't. You just never know until you ask. She may want it too.

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  • I'd ignore her. Honestly, I think she just likes the attention. Girls love to be liked by guys even if they don't like them back. It sounds like she's just using you to fill a void. Don't let yourself be treated like that. Just start ignoring her texts. Eventually she'll take the hint and leave you alone.

    • I think this is definitely partly true - but then again, she is providing the exact same thing for me. I guess I was pissed when I realized I was HER booty call and not the other way round lol. I was ticked off when I realized she had blown me off once to go drinking with her mates, but then again I realize I skipped her get together to hang and relax with mine ...one bad turn deserves another?

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  • really good for you that you realized you're nothing but a puppy.

    now you need to work on that; delete her number and ignore her.

    • I agree, move forward, and hold back until you find a woman who you want, and then hold back some more - just a little.

    • I do realize when I pull back she gets way more aggressive . . . Funny how ppl's heads work ...