A week before that he/she hung out with other friends. How would you handle this situation?

To anyone who answers...your girl/boy friend who you just made up with(after he/she was the one who caused the problem) phone broke and he/she made contact through another phone and told you "I'll call you later through this phone." Three weeks later, you email him/her through your friend's Facebook because he/she has you blocked after their friends blocked you. And the next day he/she replies to the message to simply say, "Ok, sorry it's that a lot has happened." A week before that he/she hung out with other friends...How would you handle this situation?


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  • Well, obviously something isn't right.

    How close are you guys? When I think of being in a relationship, I think about somebody who I want to share everything with, who I at least talk to everyday, and somebody I keep up with. Based upon your question, you haven't spoken in over a week?

    I won't even ask why you were blocked on Facebook and why you're involving your friends in this situation because I think Facebook is extremely dangerous to relationships. Aside from that point, when you're in a relationship, you don't ignore your significant other for a week plus. It doesn't make sense. If I was him, I would wanna share everything that has happened and why I've been so busy, not just say sorry about " a lot. "

    Point being, for a relationship to succeed long term, there must be complete transparency. Nothing should be withheld between the two of you. However, it seems your boyfriend is hiding something...he's hiding the events in his life and you have no idea what's going on.

    I don't know how mature this dude is or if he treats you well, etc. but I would handle this situation by telling them what I said above. I honestly don't see this guy being your long-term boyfriend, but that's just how I see if based upon how you describe it.

    Good luck.


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