Does being a laid back girlfriend make it more likely for a guy to take her for granted?

I am laid back and this seems to happen a lot. I only date nice guys but it seems they usually date needy, demanding and/or bitchy girls before me and they worked so hard to make those work. Yet with me they take me for granted then get so upset when I dump them saying that I was the best girlfriend and they are so sorry. I don't do ultimatums, I don't bitch and whine. I just move on. I am laid back by nature and will not pretend to be something I am not to keep a guy.


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  • Sadly many people only appreciate things they have to work hard for.

    So, you will lose those guys who can't see the true value in you, those who want more or less drama in life etc. But you don't want them anyway, right?

    Stay true to yourself and you will eventually find someone that will appreciate that.

    • Thank you. I hate drama too. That is why when I am being taken for granted I just leave. Why bother with someone like that. I don't really care if I find someone who appreciates me, I am perfectly happy being single. The only thing I miss is the sex. Oh well good thing I have toys for that.

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    • Guys seem to love fleshlights. They will never give you a hard time for hanging out with the boys. LOL

    • haha, maybe I should look into that.. or just become a monk or something, lol

  • being a laid back person in general makes people take you for granted

    • Their loss. Not mine.

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