What is it gonna take for these two to deal with their problem?

I have a friend that is stuck on a guy, that I think she needs to stop fussing over. I know they haven’t talked in a while but he reads the emails that she sends to him and tells all the guys that he works with about them, so something is going on, I just don’t know what. (I know she has a boyfriend and he has a girlfriend) it seems that once she brought up another guy (who is married and a neighbor), he got wind of it he stopped talking to her but I don’t understand if there was nothing going on between them then why would he really care who she hangs with?


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  • Guys are more obvious than girls are most of the time. He obviously is attracted to her. And cares for her in a More-than-friends kinda way. He seems the type to be possessive. So the only reason for him to be possessive over her is if he wants her.

    And dealing with this depends on what they both want. Do they both want each other or want to be friends?

    • they both have others (gf & bf) so I don't know what's going through there minds. I figure that one of them did something to the other to cause the hostility. I do know that he's jealous of her guy friends (she mentions them and he stops all contact) but other then that I don't know much.

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