Could I hold someone's interest? or am I boring?

one of the main reasons why I don't show interest in guys is because I feel like I'm too boring and I'm not that interesting. once they meet me, I feel like they'd think I'm lame and would probably stop talking to me. I'd probably deceive them. and I would feel bad if I did.

im not shy. I'm just quiet. well, I am a bit shy when I meet people for the first time. but I'm just naturally quiet. I don't talk much. I really do enjoy silence. unless I meet someone really interesting, I can talk for hours but its rare to meet people like that. I'm just quiet.

i don't have friends. just one but I don't care for making any more. I have a few acquaintances at school but no new friends.

i get told I'm cute all the time and guys stare or hit on me often but I don't feel like that's enough. looks don't mean sh*t to me. I want someone to like me for my personality, not for my looks.

but aside from that, I think I have a cool personality. I just don't think other people would see that. I'm pretty smart. I like animals. I really enjoy the company of animals. I would rather hang out with them than people. ha ha

and I'm kind of funny. not hilarious. but I'm OK I guess. I'm upbeat and optimistic. I'm good with children and animals.

but I don't go out much. aside from work and school, and occasionally hanging out with my sister, I stay home and go on my computer and play games, or I draw. or play with my pets. study, do homework.

i don't listen to today's music. I know nothing about it. I just listen to bands from the 90's and before that.

I'm a very caring person. I care for animals. and I do care for most people. I'm very compassionate. but I can be a cold hearted bitch to those who I feel don't deserve help. I'm very nice but if you push my buttons, I'll just give you the cold shoulder, as much as it hurts me to be a bitch.

and I'm 20. I've never dated, had a boyfriend, and I'm a virgin.

and I have cats (since some guys feel like girls with cats are something to be cautious about.)

well the point is, I think I'm awesome. I just don't think anyone else would think so. maybe guys like girls who party and go out. or are outgoing and likable. and I'm not like that. idk. what do you people think? am I screwed here? I don't want to change for anyone though.

oh and I want to add that I'm a loner and I like it.


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  • "I feel like they'd think I'm lame and would probably stop talking to me. I'd probably deceive them. and I would feel bad if I did."

    ^- I used to tell myself this all the time, until I realized that statement itself is just putting words in the mouths of the people I meet before even getting to know them, which is very insulting and pushes people away immediately.

    "I don't want to change for anyone though."

    ^- Another thing I used to tell myself. This would mean that you are complete. You are not. I doubt there's one person in history that can say they didn't change after finding their significant other. 18-24 is still very young to be considering yourself out of the race. Keep trying. You're only screwed if you stop trying.

    • well I'm 20 right now.

      idk what to do. I always thought people liked other people who were fun and outgoing.

      im not like that. I'm more quiet and introverted.

      i never tell anyone that I feel they wouldn't like me. I know that turns people away. I'd walk away if someone told me that about themselves. but idk. I don't like rejection. I don't think I can handle it. some of the guys I've been interested in have social lives. some even party and are outgoing. others have have been shy and

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    • ok cool.

      yes. the popular mentality is very discouraging.

      i'll keep this in mind. thanks you. :D

    • You're welcome, and thanks for BA. ^^

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  • I'm similar. I like animals, but not as much as you do. I like to read, mostly educational stuff. Plus I have some other oddities. It doesn't make things easy. Like, it helps that I'm fairly quiet and that I don't mind being by myself.

    What will become of this, I don't know.

    • yes. you are a lot like me.

      i also like to read but educational material as well. I'm not much into books with actual stories.

      i like being by myself too.

      idk what will become of myself either. I'm just too weird I guess.

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