What are your Dating Rules?

I know every one has them...What are the things that you look for in the person you want to date?


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  • I personally don't think that there is a specific set of rules to dating. I believe that there are a few basics to dating and always make sure these points are cleared up before becoming 'official.'

    1. Honesty

    2. Communication

    3. Never lose the romance, you can never stop trying in a relationship worth keeping.


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  • Must be attractive to me, no children, decent job and driven to succeed, animal lover is very important, I want a woman who's not afraid to buy ME flowers, I require spirituality, she can't be atheist but I am open, submissive to me(not nec. submissive to everyone), funny, charming, must be polite and mannerable, she must respect me and challenge my self respect, and she needs to be fun. There is a lot more when I'm on a first date that I look for, but these are my minimum requirements.

  • 6-8 on a 1 to 10 scale beauty wise. Must have a good sense of humor. Honesty is a must. She has to be intelligent enough to keep up with me and hold an intellectual conversation. Oh, and I prefer girls who have a regular work out regiment.


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  • There are two things that attract me to a person. One is looks. Two is personality. They are not mutually exclusive of each other.

    If I see a hot guy, ill be excited, but then if I find out that talking to a brick wall is much more interesting then I get over it real quick.

    Same goes for a guy that may be average looking, but has this awesome personality Personality wise, confident, funny and unique guys I find the most appealing. Guys with a little spark to them are always intriguing.

    Once this type of chemistry is established, then I look for similarities in mind set and life attitudes. The most important thing is that you get along great and are headed in similar directions in life.

    Hot Alpha Female

    • I agree, the first thing that I look at in a woman is definitely her appearance, but, like you, the person must be interesting as well. Chemistry is important but as you said, you've got to be going the same way in life. Best answer imho, kyle