Should I be concerned?

My crush asked me how far I want to go with him and I told him not to far. I asked him what he wanted and he said anything. He started asking me about 'it' and such and I told him I'm just not like that. He said me too. I can tell he only said that to make me calm down... So I got all worked up for like a day and now I realized after everything like that that I never really got mad at him. I'm concerned because I really like him and feel like no matter what he does I can't get mad. He promised me that I'd party with him all weekend but I don't want to so I'm sticking with my friends 24/7! Other then asking me about partying and sex he is really sweet to me and acts like he cares. I feel I really need to be concerned but the feeling won't come. I was wondering what others thought about the subject and if he is only trying to 'brainwash' me into thinking he care just for sex?


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  • Not exactly sure why you are getting worked up over it. Why can't you sit down with him and tell him your feelings about intimacy and sex and what you are ready for and not ready for and why you feel the way you do?

    If he wants more than you want, then maybe the timing of this relationship isn't going to work.

  • Of course he wants sex. He's a guy.

    If you thought you were dating someone who wasn't interested in sex, then you're a fool.

    The only question is does he respect you even knowing you're not going to have sex with him? Or does he cheat on you, or dump you?

    If he still respects you, then date him. Or else break up with him, and let him find a girl who will have sex with him.


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