What could I do to get him to chase me again?

I started talking and flirting with this guy a few months back. We hit it off and there was definitely a mutual attraction. He kept inviting me to hang out with him but at the time I was separated from my ex and I would feel weird hanging out with another guy unless it was over for sure, so I kept putting off our dates but finally I just told him I had to sort things out. He said he understood and seemed fine with it.

A few days later, I tried to text him and tell him that things between me and my ex were done and I wanted to see him...and he seemed distant. He took forever to get back to me, and even ignored my messages for about a month. I realized then that I had put him off with the stuff about my ex, and I thought he was no longer interested. Then he finally texts me an asks me what was up but still acted kinda distant. The other day, he invited me to go to a theme park with him later this month because we talked about going back when things were flirty between us, and I told I'd try to get off work, but he still doesn't chat with me as enthusiastically as he used to. I wish he would because I really like him and I have tried to show him that but initiating texts and telling him I want to see him. I do think he is still interested, otherwise he wouldn't have invited me to the theme park with him. He is just afraid of being a rebound? What could I do to get him to chase me again?


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  • It's gonna be difficult to get it back to how it was before because he probably feels like you were blowing him off in the past because of the ex situation. A guy's not going to wait around forever no matter how much he likes you, if you give him reason to think that you're not reciprocating the effort he's putting in then he's gonna get it into his head that you're not worth the time anymore and he'll move on to a new girl. The only advice I would give you is continue to initiate things and show interest. He's not going to go out of his way to chase you now because you blew him off way too much in the past and he probably views that as flaky behavior, so it's up to you now to chase him if you actually want to get something going.


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  • Well it could be that he simply just dosn't have the same high level of interest in you as he once had before. You can't get mad at him for acting out like this after all you were the one shutting him down in the first place. Now he's only contacting you and responding back to you whenever he feels like it. You can only do so much now in letting him be aware that you're ready to spend some time with him and if he dosn't respond back just let it go.

  • Girl, this guy is a complete jerk you need to get rid of him..and ask him if he wants to go out with you or not because life is tooo short to be dealing with fake people!