Why did he just stop talking to me?

OK so long story short me and this guy went out a year ago. a couple of months ago he would text me things like I miss you and you're perfect for me and your the most beautiful girl...kinda cheesy I know :) but anyways we went to school together for a couple of weeks and he would like stare at me and try to be around me and talk to my friends. He agreed to meet me at this place in our school but he never showed up. My friends tried getting him and he said he would come but he never did. I saw him again that day and he smiled at me...at least I'm pretty sure. I tried texting him later that day and he never responded. This happened a couple of weeks ago.

What is going on here? I'm pretty sure he still likes me but I don't know why he's doing this...

Thanks so much! (:


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  • Could be a lot of things. Maybe he is trying to get his ego up,maybe things did come up, maybe he is scared. Only he knows. No point asking on here.


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