A guy I randomly shifted (kissed) I think I have feelings for, do I pursue it?

I was asked did I want to shift him by his friend whilst out and I said yes, he was good-looking, and tall, basically what I like in a guy. I didn't want a relationship with him, it was just a random hook-up really. My friend it turns out knows him a bit and said he's nice and so I found him on fb and we chatted once. I don't know if it was just a once off for him or if he'd want to maybe hang out and possibly go out then? I don't want to look a fool if he doesn't feel that way at all and it was a once off thing for him.


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  • i think it may have been just a once off thing tbh.. see if ye talk a bit more on Facebook with him and wait and see how things go with him, then maybe something more might happen. But in my opinion I think he just wanted the shift lol.

    The word Shift.. yay your Irish! :) lol