I have been dating a girl who is about 5.4 ". 2 questions in one.

And I am 6" and I have never dated a girl with this high, and I find it a bit confusing for myself. Another problem which I have is that it seems to me that we are going too fast, we talk almost everyday and in a way - wishing goodnight, morning, good day, talking about stuff. And it seems to me too soon. Maybe I simply not that eager to trust because of the last relationship when a girl cheated on me. But when I compare this girl and my ex. ex was negative at times and looked at things that way, and at times I feel like I was with an abusive person and who treated me badly. But I am a bit caution now regarding trusting girls and people.But the new girl treats me a lot better and knows about my previous relationship and I know about her's that she split with her ex of 5 years because he didn't want to move forward to get marry or commit, but got married after 6 months of the breaking up with her.


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  • I don't understand the question o.o

  • I'm 5'4 & my fiancĂ© is 6'2. I like that he's taller than me, because it makes me feel like he can protect me. He likes the fact that I'm short & he can feel like a man around me. Height has nothing to do with the sucess of a relationship though.

    If you feel you're moving too fast, let her know, or just ease up in the texting. You may just not be ready yet. If its right, it's right & you'll know. If you're unsure, take your time & let it come naturally.


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