I don't want a relationship and have just met a guy I'd like to see again, have I gave the wrong impression?

After just coming out of a serious relationship I am enjoying being single and having a healthy (safe!) and diverse sex life. I am happy with this and don't get attached to my lovers however I met a new guy at the weekend and I am worried that my confident attitude may have come across as intimidating and I'm worried I may not hear from him again. We actually got on very well with good sex and shared values regarding commitment. He asked for my number as I left as I didn't even think of it, but he wanted it written on paper and I'm not sure I wrote it out right. He is going on holiday now for a week but I would like to see him again, should I just give up if he doesn't contact me in a week? He said he had been 6 months without sex and so I was obviously a surprise for him. I just want to know really is it possible for a girl too be too casual in that it puts a guy off? He was extremely affectionate and complimentary and he lay hugging me etc for hours just talking. Don't normally let myself do that but I liked this one, I'd like to see him again for more fun.


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  • No don't give up but don't just sit around and wait for him to call you either.

    Personally I don't think it should be a problem with men if a woman is just interested in having a good time with no long term commitments.


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