How to get a date with a busy girl?

I met this girl who is an international student and we exchanged Facebook information.

I messaged her:

Me: "lalallalala, lets grab an ice cream on Sunday"

Her: "lol I'm going with my group to water slides, I want to see you :))) and I will write you soon :)))".

Me: "lalallalala, lets meet this Tuesday I have an excellent plan"

Her: "I have a test in my language school on Tuesday and I'm going with girls to Art Museum, lalalalalala, I want to see you :)))"

Lots of emoticons on her replies. Should I reply, "haha I can't wait to see you too exotic European cutie... so lets make it happen"?

How to make our meeting happen?

I am confused.


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  • "I want to see you too cutie."

    You don't have to type a long sentence. Since she's not available Tuesday, try to plan something Thursday or Friday night. My suggestion is a nightclub where you can dance. The only kick is - tag up and bring them. If there's a cover charge, the girls can get in for free and get YOU in for free too.

    Or if you want to save money, have her come over to hang out and watch a movie.

    As always, have condoms just incase.

    And if it doesn't work out (aka she's too busy) contact her in 2 weeks and get busy meeting new girls. Honestly, if she doesn't have the time to see you for 2-3 hours one night, put her on the backburner and find girls who would be more interested in hanging out with you asap.

    • She will stay in the city one more month.

      On the day I met her we had a really great time (~ 4 hours) and she said that she was looking forward to coming to this trip for the past few months so I can see why she is busy.

      The girl is not old for clubs yet.

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    • I am not looking for anything serious and a "relationship" one month in length sounds fun, intriguing and exciting. In addition I have exactly one month of free time before I go back to college. I'll ask her out one more time))

    • haha I wouldn't be looking for a relationship either. But sex for a couple weeks is always welcome, right? :P