Am I coming off selfish here?

I met this amazing girl on a dating site and we connected in a way that I could never imagine. We immediately were texting, chatting on the phone and eventually skyping before you know it. We were always checking up on each other and she would call me every so often before going to work, even after.

We live roughly an hour apart so we eventually set up a time and place for our 1st date. Everything went well in my opinion. After that things became sort of odd. We would talk, but not as much. Skype became a thing of the past. I suggested a 2nd date and made most of the drive to compensate for her schedule. I felt it was better, clicked even better with conversation, holding of hands, and ended with a kiss.

In reading this you would figure, this sounds like it would continue getting better right? Wrong.

After that date, she became what seemed extremely distant. She wouldn't pick up my calls, she barely texts anymore, and would constantly say she's become really busy. Its like someone suddenly flipped the switch. From constantly communicating to nada. Am I coming off selfish here? A part of me wants to believe that she really has become busy lately (she's really honest) and the other part says she may have lost interest or is seeing someone else.

It has now been 2 days since I've last tried contacting her. The day prior, she apologized saying it she's so busy lately and its been difficult for her because of the distance between us (Already told her that I will drive, no problem). Judging from the information I've given, what do you think of this? Should I just let her go or should I honestly be patient with her? I've never clicked like this with anyone before in my life, I'm so lost on what to think. I would greatly appreciate anyone's advice on this.


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  • Well...I guess you two need to talk,have a serious talk first.What really happened?What do you guys really want?That's the point.You know,communication is important.And you two need to find a way out to deal with it.Well,everyone can be busy.We need to understand each other.

    And one more thing,I am from China,and there's a saying in China,"Don't do the same thing(of course,bad things,things make people feel not good or anything like that) more than 3 times."3 time is a a line you can't go over,or we only can take off and go our own lives and left you behind.

    And then,this is I am telling you,if you guys find the solutions,and she doesn't obey...It's your choice now...If she does the same more than 3 times,and that hurts you more than 3 times,then,I guess it's not her fault,it's your fault,because you get yourself hurt and don't want to leave~

    The outside world is better!:D(just my opinion,don't get angry with me...)


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  • I have been hearing a lot of that lately.. Busy.. From my experience, if a girl says she is really busy, it means she is lieing..You may have gotten too close to her before going on 1st or even 2nd date. I don't know..Theres this girl that I was trying to hang out with.. I had kinda dated her before.. but she says the same thing.. I am really busy, and she even sets up the dates and then says she can't for some reason or another... She could be an attention seeker.. Who knows for sure.. Girls are crazy