Is it weird to text a random guy who gave you his number while you were working?

The other day at work (waitress) I served three guys around my age. They acted really strange the whole time and I could tell they were talking about me. After they left (they didn't even look at me) I found a number on one of the guys tickets and it said text me. I'm pretty sure his two friends made him do it or did it for him because I heard them talk about how they were doing it.

I've gotten numbers before and never acted on it but I thought this guy was pretty cute. Would it be weird or desperate looking if I did text him? Could it have been a joke?


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  • no, text him

    unless they left less than 20% tip

    • Actually it was over 20% which was nice haha

    • text him.

      there's at least something to a man who puts his money where hos mouth is

    • Haha OK thanks! I think I will!

  • no it's not desperate if you text him. That's the whole reason he gave you the number dork.

    • I guess I'm just worried its a joke or he really didn't want his number there but his friends did it anyways.

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    • Hopefully its not ha ha and I personally think I'm kind of attractive but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So ill see! Thanks!

    • Well by now you should have an idea if you're decent or not. So chances are it's real. I've gotten numbers from girls while serving. most responded, but one or two didn't. Didn't make any sense why they'd leave a number if they didn't respond, but it is what it is.

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  • Go for it! What's the worst that could happen? You have nothing to lose. :)

  • text him and be like "hey it's ____ from (name of restaurant)"

    then when he answers be like... so did your friends make you leave your number as a joke or did you really want me to text you lol

    or something like that?

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