He says that he can't be bothered with the hassle of relationships or girls. What is going on here seriously?

My male friend has finally made me question what is it he really wants from me.

I'm going out of my mind with wondering and exhausted now from assuming.

No I can't approach the situation head on either because he will deny all of it.

I know because he had denied things In the past.

Firstly his tattoo he had done she is a pinup who looks exactly like me even to the same beauty spot on my face.

He said she is his dream girl and loves to show her of though I'm not the only one who can see she is my twin.

He plays love songs and sings out certain words to me I just laugh.

We don't text or see each other a lot only now and again but it's now become awkward silences he has to make effort to talk to me.

Cant be around him unless I'm drunk he gives me nerves and sometimes I even feel sick.

Not in a bad way just because of the situation that I could like him more than a friend but don't want to go there.

I don't want to loose him but now recently he is I think trying to stir something out of me with pulling out the jealousy card out on me by saying he is interested in this girl but would not show me her picture only my other mate. Then he turned round to look for my reaction to it. Of course I'm jealeous I can't deal with feeling like this at all if he does start something with this girl.

But part of me believes she is not real and he just did it to push me into a corner to tell him how I feel.

I'm not going to be the one who gets friendly with a girl who is going to realize the tattoo on his arm looks like me and drama will start up.

Seriously if he was that interested in her why does he only come out with us two on a weekend?

I know this is some assumption but I get the feeling he is in love with me but won't tell me.

For years he has been single no dates , no girlfriends , not even sex he has personally told me this and he is 26 now.

He says that he can't be bothered with the hassle of relationships or girls.

Ok so he hangs out with me when he can and has told me in the past he loves me.

Mind games I hate this help?

Just recently he has been playing all the time he is with me

The Script The man who can't be moved


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  • I see your confused..

    You like him as a friend but you assume he likes you and you don't want to go there because your afraid of losing him as a friend so you push him away unless your drunk...

    Now he's making you jealous to see how you react but your unsure because you...

    Okay I read trough it all but you are afraid of losing the friendship

    I guess you should start buying a lot of alchohol then.. In this case its better to ask head on if your tired of these mind games because if he indeed likes you keep in mind he's also afraid of losing the friendship besides like I said earlier.. If you can only be around him when your drunk because your too.. Wait then this friendship is coming to an end soon anyway so.. I guess you should at least do something about it because obviously your not giving him eneugh signs that he has to go fishing for them himself

    Just be a little jealous, its okay and even if this girl does exist... Why don't you ask him if she is like you? Looks like you shares the same intrests as you


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