Which type would you prefer?

Type 1

looks: Has very dark red almost dark brown middle long thick hair ( dyed) fair skin big wide green eyes very skinny dresses fashionable&girly ( is absolutely stunning)

personality: sometimes rude very flirty but also a little bit shy likes to have fun likes to hang with boys and tease them

type 2

looks: very long blond hair ( natural) fair-goldish skin middle big blue eyes skinny with some curves dresses fashionable & sexy ( is very pretty)

personality: sometimes shy but very outgoing flirty sociable likes to do "bad" &fun things but is almost never rude

type 3

looks: stylish lond dark blond hair ( natural) small blue eyes pale skin dresses sexy is skinny ( is nothing special not pretty not ugly)

personality: very loose outgoing confident likes attention is rude sometimes but very fun to be with

which one of these would you prefer and why?

forgot to mention- type 2 and type 3 are very smart type one is not stupid but not as smart as type 2 and type 3


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  • While type one sounds marginally more attractive, all sound reasonably attractive.

    The decision on who I'd prefer would be based on factors not listed here.

  • Of those three, I guess type 2.


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