Should I text him...?

Well, I met a guy on Friday and we really hit it off (he's 22 and I'm almost 18 and we live about 12 hours away from each other). We hung our for hours and had a ton of fun. He ended up asking me for my number and said he'd add me on Facebook when he got home. He told me up front that he sometimes ignores his phone because he just doesn't want to talk. I never gave him my last name so he couldn't end up adding me yet. He said he would do it on Sunday or yesterday and he never texted me for my last name. We talked on Friday night and he told me he would text me on Saturday and he did. I said hey to him on Sunday and he never replied. Should I ask him for his last name or should I just forget about him?

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  • He's four years older than you and probably just wants to take advantage of you.


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  • I voted B but that could be because I was biased and sort of in my mind against a 17 y/o dating a 22 y/o haha. But also, you live 12 hours away from each other so I doubt much can come from this. So I'm sticking with B.


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  • Sure, ask him! Nothing wrong by asking him yourself and taking some initiative ;)

    If you want something or someone, go for it!