Oke, where did I go wrong?

So, there is a girl I liked and hanged out a few times. I always thought we were having fun. I asked her out a few times but she never had the time and eventually I found out that she likes this other guy.I tried once more as she never mentioned the guy to me but still no succes.

When she started to become distant I assumed that she finnaly understood I liked her but that she just isn't interested. However, it became more than distant.

I actually think that she hates me. Last time I contacted her, I saw posts of her saying that she doesn't want another lame conversation and how I have nothing interesting to say.

We used to have fun conversations and I have no idea where the resentment comes from lately. I know that the guy she likes toldl her he didn't like him like that but that has nothing to do with me.


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  • i agree with the other response here that the last thing you should do here is blame yourself. Whatever the girl's intentions were, they are pretty rude and harmful. Maybe she knew you liked her, wasn't interested and is being so very much distant to make sure you get the point?

    • if that's the case than she is more f***ed up than I thought as barely get to say Hello lol.

      What I've been thinking, and this pure speculation, is that she blames me for the fact the other guy doesn't like her.

      But the more I think about it the more I feel I was used in the beginning to get to this guy. She asked me to go to a festival together because she had no one to go with. once there a whole group of friends including that guy were there. Same goes for a show we went to

    • i agree with the messed up part. don't even give her the time of day when she eventually comes around and starts acting like your best friend all of a sudden, as she really doesn't deserve that.

  • I don't think you are the problem here. She is. If you know you didn't do anything to offend her or piss her off then she has no reason to be be angry with you. I'd say give it a miss. It's not your fault. She probably doesn't see the friendship going anywhere and now chose to handle it in a mean way.

    • Yea just as I thought, time to cut the chord.

      Funny, I always assumed that out of all the people at least she would understand me.

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