Guys, how can girls tell when you're into us?

When I like guys, I'm sometimes afraid to let them know or tell them, in case it's nor reciprocated and I end up feeling like a fool. How can you tell if you're interested in us?


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  • I think when a girl likes a guy she has to be sure first. I don't think she should ask right away but she should kind of pick up on the signs. For example if you talk or even hang out with a guy a lot then that could be a sign that a guy likes you. If you flirt a lot and even joke alot. That could be a sign as well. I also think that guys can give mixed signals. Some guys just strictly want to be friends only. I think it depends on the guy and what he is looking for. Either way a girl is taking a risk by asking a guy if he likes you or not. I don't think you should be scared to ask but their should be a right time to ask and find out. Then their are guys who are shy and won't admit it or not if they like a girl.


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