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Okay,well my boyfriend and I have been together a little under a month.When we text and talk on the phone,it's all good.But when we are actually together,he'll sometimes bring up "his best friend" and on his Facebook,he had written some words to her in his 'info' saying that he loved her with every piece of his heart.

One day,I got fed up with it,and asked him about it.All he said was that "she was like a sister to him,and he always talks about her because they have been friends for years" and so I told him about the words he had on his Facebook and asked what that meant.he said "Babe,that was years ago. She hacked and put that to teach her ex a lesson or something,She's my sister." and I didn't press it any further because I did not want to fight. But why would she need to teach her ex a lesson on his profile on Facebook?was he lying?Does he have feelings for her?What does it actually mean when he talks about other girls,because he does it quite often and I'd like to know what does it mean when a guy brings up another girl?


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  • i think that if he had feelings for her, he would try his best not to bring her up in conversations. that way you would have no idea about her. I think that for now you should believe him. you did the best thing by talking to him about it. and with the teaching her ex a lesson thing, I really think it mite hav been because she wanted to show her ex she was over him. sicne you already talked to him, you should either follow up on it and jst say tht you would like it if he didn't talk about her as much or you should wait and see what happens. if he writes more stuff on fb to her, then bring it up with him again and tell him tht it really makes you nervous because you really care about him and don't want to lose him. I'm sure everything will b OK, so don't drive yourself crazy over it. best wishes:)

    • Thank you so much for your answer,I really do think this not only helps me,but makes me feel better.I know I should trust him,I guess I just got a little upset and well jealous ofcourse.But thank you for helping me out,I do appreciate it :)

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  • Start by deleting social media Facebook, twitter, Google + etc, both of you, and come to understand each other


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