Why can't I be myself with him?

Well my personaliy is basically an outgoing, loud, down to try anything type. I love to have fun and I love to talk and be open with pretty much anybody. I've never had a problem talking to anybody of my previous relationships and I definitely never showed a problem talking to guys at all. But I really don't know why it would be so hard for me to even talk to him at all when we are together. I stay like in a state of trance and I can't seem to make conversation with him or with any of his friends which I really wish wasn't the case. He invited me to a wedding this Saturday and I just want me to be able to open up even though I know it won't be very likely.. Can someone please help me? I really like him and I don't want to push him away...


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  • You just need to get in your comfort zone with this guy. You can accomplish that by calling him to converse more. Usually when people talk on the phone for extended periods it helps them open up and be themselves when they are hanging out with one another. Sharing a laugh here and there and learning each other likes, dislikes, and history can help you be at ease around him.

    Think of topics and open ended questions to ask and talk to him about(e.g. interests, family, hobbies, etc), then give the guy a call. The longer you talk, the more comfortable you should get with him. Good luck.


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  • you must really like him


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