Can anyone give me some advice

I'm in a long-distance relationship with my girlfriend of almost 2 years, the first year we lived together in Illinois she moved to back to Florida because of her parents. She says I can visit in October but what are some things I should ask her before I leave better yet what should I ask her before I decide to move there.


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  • The visit: ask her about her family so that you will not offend or clash with them.

    The move: ask about the cost of living, the job market in your field of work, the city, and the weather(we get hurricanes here), and of course, ask about the Miami Heat. Make sure it's what you both want because you are leaving the security of living near your own family.

    Last but not least, make a list with her of each others' expectations and goals for the relationship and professionally, so that there will not be any assumptions or misinterpretations. Good luck.


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