Is he still in love with his ex?

I'm in a long distance relationship with a really great guy. Things are going really well, the only problem is that he is still good friends with his ex from about 6 months ago. He always talks about how great of a person she is. I've told him that she makes me really jealous but he still hangs out with her and tells me she's just a good friend. He even bought her a birthday gift and took her out to the movies while I was on vacation. Am I being too jealous over a friendship or should I be worried?


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  • He is kind of crossing the line. An ex shouldn't being sending birthday gifts or taking them out. None of my exes do that but they do message me happy birthday yesterday to be nice. You should tell him how you feel. If you were doing the same thing with one of your exes I would say it isn't fair of you to be mad but your not, I assume. So tell him and if he doesn't stop you will have to drop it. My current guy I am seeing is still friends with his ex but he assures me he doesn't want her and he hangs with her but he told her he is with me...

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