How to handle my fiance lashing out and being completely unreasonable? Huge fight!

I love my Fiance with all my heart, he is a very laid back person but today we go into a huge fight that started simply as a talk about an upcoming move. He wouldn't listen to simple logic and every questions he had I answered it with what seemed like reasonable answers, He then flipped some kind of switch, got pissed off and started yelling. I was confused and to avoid saying something I didn't mean and to let him cool down I just said "Okay, I'll drop it." So he could finish getting his lunch and eat. Then some how he got pissed that I wasn't eating for some reason, annoyed again I dropped it and went to relax with our dog.

It some how went from talking about moving to him yelling at me about his younger brother f*cking up his car, absolutely hating his father, and hating his job.

I will never understand how it took this turn but it ended in him yelling at me, taking my car and then getting even more mad when I told him I needed to leave.

Long story short, he has my car, left without saying I love you or goodbye, nothing.

I'm so annoyed and pissed off right now. He gets home in an hour and I'm not sure how to handle this.

Advise please?


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  • He doesn't have good boundaries in his life. As a result, he takes the frustrations out on you.

    This behavior is inappropriate and needs to stop, but by the same virtue, he needs to implement better boundaries or he'll always return to square one and end up needing to blow off steam again.


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