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Two weeks ago, I went on a christian holiday with 12 people of 17/18. I did not know anyone there, most of them joined the holiday in groups of 2. It was a lot of fun. The group consisted of 3 guys (including myself) and 9 girls. One of these girl caught my eye. She is sweet, cute and a lot of fun te be around. I didn't talk to her a lot in private, but we did talk about lots of stuff. I did not get the idea that she was particularly interested in me. Add the end of the 10-day holiday, me that girl and her friend had to take the same train for only one stop. She lives pretty far from me. I was planning to ask her out on a date when I was on the train, but I failed to find the right timing, so I did not ask it yet. I do want to ask it though.

I have her on Facebook and I have her cell number (we all shared our number). My friends say I should try to chat with her on Facebook tomorrow and after that I should call het someday and ask her out. She did tell me when we were talking that she hates it when a guy asks her out or tells her she likes her on Facebook. She wants it to be personal (which makes sense). I am think that I just follow my friends advice: I will get to know her better on Facebook and afterward I will call her and be like: "Hey! How are you? ... Great! Hey, I was wondering...Would you want to go out with me someday, to the movies maybe?"

Is this a good idea. Girls, how would you react to something like this (assuming ou don't really like nor dislike the guy who is calling you).

What if she never comes online on Facebook? Should I just call her then?

Thanks for reading!

PS. I have never had a girlfriend eventhough everyone keep telling me that I am a "great guy". I really want to NOT screw this up.


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  • i think that you should deff txt/message her on Facebook to get to know her better and also give her a chance to get to know you better. then I think you should suggest hanging out as friends jst like in a chill way and see how it goes. if by the end of the night you both have fun and things go well, you should ask her out on a date in person. I think that asking her out in person is the best way to do so. also, jst casual chilling gives both of you the chance to see what its like jst you two since you didn't have a lot of private time when you first met. best of luck:)

    • Asking her in person would be the right way to ask her on a date. The thing is that she lives more than 2 hours away from me. Here in The Netherlands, that is a pretty long ride with the train (I don't own a car nor do I have a drivers licence. You don't go sit in the train for 2 hours to meet someone casualy. It is possible of course, but it is not very likely :/

    • ook then if you ask her out, this is what you needa say on the phone, "so, I really wanted to meet with you in person. I tried thoughtof every possible way to make it work, but I couldn't get to where youare very easily to ask you this one question. so I'm going to have to do the second best thing and ask you over the phone so that we can hopefully have a very special time when I can see you in person." then say something sweet and personnal that you like about her and then ask her out:)

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