How long should I wait till I text him?

So this guy always comes to the place I work at, we would talk for just a little bit. then one day he said "you should text me" and I said "i'll just give you mine and you text me whenever" but he never texted me and he stopped coming for awhile which made me think what did I do wrong. one day he shows up and I didn't even mention anything I took his order and gave him his food but before he left he asked me how I was doing? then he stopped coming for awhile and then today he finally came and we talked and he was like I tried to text you the other day but for some reason it didn't work and he was like I'm gonna give you my number and text me:) he is really cute. and he seems like he's interested in me but he wants me to make the first move. should I wait till I text him?


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  • He wants the ball to be in your court.

    Take the intiative, and don't be afraid.

    There is obviously mutual attraction.

    And plus this is something that can evolve into something great if given a chance.

    • thanks :) and that's what I was thinking to. but what bugged me is why he didn't text me when I gave him my number

    • Some guys are shy at making the first move and would rather let the girl pretty much do so (I notice this). Ty for ba :)

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  • Sounds like he may have a girlfriend. Go ahead and text him something like, "Hi, how's your day going?" If he doesn't respond, forget about it. Wait at least a day or two.

  • just text him and see what happens. You have nothing to lose by trying.


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