Girls theories about guys, have you heard any? Do you agree with any of these?

Chatting with my friends I realized girls have many theories about guys and how to find a good one...

Here it goes some I heard

If he is tall, he can't be nice, tall is already a huge quality 2 won't be in one man lol

The guy has to love the girl more than she does, otherwise it will be trouble and painful

The uglier the nicer

Pretty guy is trouble

Anyway I just realized all of this seem sh*t but it is true when a guy doesn't have the physically attractions he seems to be a better guy more mature less shallow and now I ve been paying attention to the non attractive guys


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  • *If he is tall, he can't be nice, tall is already a huge quality 2 won't be in one man lol*

    lmao sadly this is true in a lot of cases. however tall is not that serious to me, a lot of guys are tall that doesn't mean he's attractive. so I'd replace the word "tall" with "fine".

    *The guy has to love the girl more than she does, otherwise it will be trouble and painful*

    Whoever has the least feelings has the most power, and when guys have power they tend to abuse it and it results in pain for the woman. a guy who loves you more will never leave you, and if you love him your love will eventually grow to match his and make it even. win win for everyone

    *The uglier the nicer*

    Only if the girl is hot. ugly guys are not nice to girls they don't think are hot because I used to not be cute and ugly guys acted nasty to me. but now that I'm cute they are nice.

    *Pretty guy is trouble*

    Yeah because every other girl wants him

    To me its best to find an average-cute guy. the really fine guys are usually players or gay because they get spoiled by so much female attention. the ugly guys are hard to look at and I can't be with someone I don't wanna hook up with. so an average-cute guy is the best of both worlds

    • Totally agree, we think alike ;) but the average cute nice guy is still to hard to find...

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  • Okay well I'm 6"1 and am categorized as a nice guy most of the time (hense the name). So there's that. Every person is different just cause someone is attractive doesn't mean they will be nasty and vice versa. Maybe the attractive person is nice cause they always get treated nicely. I'm a fairly sensitive guy and am told I am attractive I also used to be like really short and fat and Bullied all the time so that may be why I'm nice. But my point is don't judge someone based on their outward appearance or their "cover" as the saying goes

    • Yeah I get you but I guess you would be different if you didn't have the bullied past, I've met a guy with your descriptions and I was so impressed how nice and nit cocky he was and then someone told me he used to be really fat. He looked to good to be true :)

  • Those are fantastic inaccurate stereotypes. What happens is that many girls seen to believe that nice guys are usually outcasts. As a result,. they can lose self-esteem and since they aren't the jocks working out 24/7, they could seem hotter to girls. However, in that sense, guys could stereotype girls as highly superficial. I work out, I'm not bad looking and I'm a nice guy. It took me awhile, but it's because I hear girls say all the time that there are no good guys. Chemistry is important, but are you really so superficial and put such an emphasis on looks that you're willing to compromise everywhere else? Just because a stereotype exists, doesn't mean it's anywhere near accurate- it just means that that is what society's psyche has been conditioned to believe is the norm. Girls and guys may have theories like this about each other, but they're nothing more than inaccurate stereotypes and should be treated as such.

    • i know what you mean, I am no way superficial, I just mean right in the beginning when we select we are superficial we judge on the looks, if he is tall he is this if he is fat he is that, pretty girls are shallow and so on...

    • psychological research has stated that we make up our minds about whether to approach a person we might like in under ten seconds. This is done purely on intuition and preference but it is usually done by emotional and situational feelings and not cognition. If he has a gun, maybe there is some cognition, but I would deem that a fairly rare occurence.

  • So how tall is tall?

    I'm 6'4... does that mean that I'm automatically an idiot or do you need to be taller before the a-hole gene kicks in?

    • well you are tall, good on you...i heard that last week because I was talking to a friend and I said that I liked tall guys and she said, well tall guys can't be nice lol find a tall guy that is nice is way too rare you got choose one, a nice one or a tall one...i don't agree but I do believe its not that common

    • What you believe in life is what you will get. If you believe all men are a-holes then that is what you will see and get since that is what you will focus on. It's a self fulfilling prophecy.

    • i don't see like that, I have hope, I am just sayig what I heard...but I did met way more a**holes than not

  • Those are all just generalizations and always change with each individual.

  • Let me add one quick observation there, miss "i pay attention to non attractive guys"

    Girls like you invariably cheat on your non-attractive boyfriend, once an actual attractive boy comes in to your life and starts pushing your buttons.

    You're not doing any ugly guys any favours by pity-dating them.

    • i am not a cheater I would never do that to a person and I wouldn't date someone just out of pity, I am just saying I see a guy that lets say isn't so perfect, has a belly or something and think well he could be nice...

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    • you said girls like you cheat, I am just saying I woudn't...

      i don't get it why you are mad

    • Well I thought I'd made my point clearly enough, but I'll be damned if I have to literally spell it out for you...

  • I will let you in on a little secret. In a relationship the person who cares less about the other person always has the upper hand.


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  • I've dated a tall, handsome, fun & respectful guy ! The whole package ;)

    • great :) and what happened?

    • He loved me, I didn't... I felt guilty about it because he was my best friend & I felt like lying to him by not sharing the feelings !

      Plus, love comes with possessiveness & I can't stand feeling smothered!

    • oh I see, that's said, well he couldn't be perfect did well if you didn't loved him