My ex is going to my auntie's birthday this Saturday?

my ex is going to my aunties birthday party for a few hours and I'm still in love with her in afraid ill do something stupid anyone have any ideas on what I should do

i thought I might distance myself from her and try not c her alone

plus has this ever happened to you if so what did you do


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  • Be careful. You should just try to avoid her as much as possible

    • Thanks I think I'll do that and avoid an argument with her last time she got up me cos I won't move on since I want her back

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  • You do not have to distance yourself from her. In this life we are born to meet, to meet and depart if both of you are not campitable there is nothing you can do about that. But that does not mean that you should isolate yourself from her. Chat with her, she can still be of help to you tomorrow.