Should I end it with a date?

I've been dating a guy for 2.5 months and we haven't slept together. He doesn't want to be exclusive (though I don't think he's actually seeing anyone else..probably just holding in case!) but he does want sex. I don't really hear from him until he arranges a date though he is very nice when we do go out. Last night going home, he said he wanted to come back to mine. I said no, and he just walked off without saying anything. Maybe I should be upset, but I'm more angry. What should I do?


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  • Do? Nothing!

    Seems you both are getting what you want, just feeling a little friction when his sex arrows bounce off your stone wall.

    He's the one that will DO something, either continue shooting arrows &/or move on to satisfy his little head, or get a FWB on the side of your friendship to scratch his itch w/o troubling you.

    If you feel like a stone wall, then be one - never to scratch just one itch (the other guy's)

  • You should think about what your expectations are in this relationship, and learn of his expectations. You two seem to be on different wavelengths. Have a conversation with him. If your expectations don't match, end it.


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