What is after dating? And when do you take it to the next, "level"?

Well, thankfully I have been dating an amazing guy for about 3 months. What are the rules or should I say healthy guide lines of dating.

One, I am all for letting a relationship just be but there does come a point in time where you tend to become a little confused as to what exactly the relationship is to the other person.

or myself.

When is the proper time to not call it dating any more?

What comes after dating is there an in between dating and someone becoming your bf? Or gf?

How do I bring up the conversation tastefully, or should I just trust this man and allow him to pursue me?

We spend weekends together, enjoy meals, and have intimate moments yet, there has never been the conversation of straight forward, I want to see you exclusively although it has walked the line and we both are exclusive.


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  • Ok, so I'm confused. You have agreed to be exclusive or you haven't? If you have, and you're happy with where it's at, let it be. If you aren't exclusive, maybe just ask him if he's still seeing other people. That question alone can spark the conversation and let him take it from there. Try to ask this in the nicest, pressure free way possible. You don't want him to feel AT ALL like you are hounding him for more (more than he may be willing to give at the time). Sounds to me like you're moving along just fine. I don't think there is much btwn dating and bf/gf. Once you become exclusive, to me that's bf/gf. Typically, the guys sets the tempo so if he's been treating you well making plans with you and making you a priority, let him keep doing his thing.

    • This is the best advice thank you. You know, he makes statements that are in the most intimate moments. Implying how happy he is that I am his, and vice versa. He is 27 so I feel the sincerity of this statemate followed by other comments would be in indication of us being exclusive. Yet, I also know not to assume. I feel that it would be too soon to become anything of boyfriend and girlfriend. Yet, I would like him to not see other people .