I really like this girl and she says I need to say more than I just like her to her..

I really like this girl , she's amazing <3 She's basically said just telling her I like her isn't enough. She wants me to say more to her and mean it.. I'm lost with what she wants me to say D: Any ideas anyone? :(


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  • I can only think of two things.

    1. The first is she wants to hear a confession of love - that you love her, not that you just "like" her.

    If that doesn't sound right, then maybe the second thing:

    2. Some action of kindness or friendship that backup your words. For everyone it is different. Some like gifts or small presents, others like you to spend time, while others just like emotional availability (that you're listening), etc.. it just depends on the person.


What Girls Said 1

  • maybe she wants to know WHY, you like her. its easy to say I like u. whether you actually do, or do not. if you REALLY like someone, you usually have some reasons why. she probably wants to see whether you're just attracted to her.

    Or actually like her. or is just fishing for compliments ;) id say its the latter, if she has no reason to doubt your feelings, but if you guys are just getting started, its likely the first.