Why didn't he text me back?

Ok so there is a guy I like and he knows that I like him and we talk, text and we stare/look at each other a lot. When I text him, he always texts me back and last night I texted him because we haven't talked in a while and I was bored and so I said hey I decided to text you because I'm bored and we haven't talked in a while and he never texted me back. It wasn't even that late when I texted him and I thought he would text me back and when I do text him sometimes late at night and he is asleep or something he always text me back the next day why he didn't text me back from that night. A few hours after I sent the text I saw on my news feed on facebook that he was online. I don't know he purposely didn't text me back or if his parents took his phone away or something?

I don't know what to do so please answer if you can


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  • You told him you were bored that's why! Nobody likes to get call/text from somebody that says they just hit them up because their bored! Try again with a different approach!

  • So write on his wall asking him or say 'Hey what's up ? Did you get my text?" or something.

    • DO THIS! I do what you do all the time and my guy ends up not getting them so he might not have got it. Write on his wall or text him again! And go from here.

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    • You never know and I doubt he would ignore you. The only way to find out is write on his wall. That way you won't have to worry about annoying him with texts.

    • Well I texted he hasn't reponded yet so I'm thinking he doesn't have his phone.

      yeah I don't think he ignoring me.

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