Problem with girl I like, please help?

i am a girl by the way, I am bisexual.

so I met this girl, she is bisexual too.we spoke not too much and got to know each other I started to really like her. and there was this party we were supposed to go, before the party I saw her Facebook status 'in a relationship' I asked her if it was real she said no.

so when we met we did 'stuff' , if you know what I mean.

after the party I got really strong feelings for her, I never stopped thinking about her, I dreamed about her a lot. and then I spoke to her boyfriend and he said that it was real , and when I asked her , she said that it is real. and I told her that I'm really pissed on her now. and then she said she will come to m house (it was supposed to be today) she never came and when I got into her Facebook profile I saw that I had to add her as a friend. I was really shocked my heart started pounding really hard. so I sent her a message why did you delete me, she didn't answer yet. but I'm still very hurt. I've never felt this way in my whole life, and we did stuff that I never did with anyone before.and I never care so much about someone deleting me on Facebook or something. i dont know if I fell in love with her, but other people say I did. I never fell in love in my whole life. I'm 17 now.

and I'm very frustrated about her deleting me on Facebook. I don't know what to do. I'm so hurt , and I really want her, I never wanted someone , like I want her. what should I do?


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  • hon I am so sorry that you had to feel that way and had to be treated that way. girls can be caddy and seemed like she was using you. it wasn't fair and ithink you need to move on from her. she isn't good for you and you deserve someone who wants to be with you and will treat you like respect. even if you get with her like a relationship wise it seems like she would cheat on you...

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