How to respond humbly to "guys in your college must be stupid not to date you"?

When people learn that I am still single, they get very surprised and I usually get that remark. I feel uncomfortable with this particular compliment as I'm at a loss at how to respond to it. I don't want to say "thanks" bec it seems weird or stuck up almost.

What's a good way to respond to this? Witty comments are even more welcome!


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  • I always get that comment as well :D

    In order to know how to reply, you need to understand why people use this line first. A group of people use it to make us feel bettter. We're single and they think we look great and have great personalities, so they kinda take the initiative of being supportive or draw a smile on our faces. It's a sweet gesture.

    Others say it with no reason at all. It's like they heard it somewhere and they repeat it. Deeply inside they wonder "How in hell is this girl still single even though she's great". They kinda feel confused, but don't necessarily use it to make us feel happy.

    Either way, you can just smile or laugh without saying anything, or even reply with a laugh and say "I know right?". Most important thing is to laugh as if it's nothing or as if you heard a joke.

    Saying thanks is great too if that person meant to make you feel good.

    Hope this helps.

    • Thanks for the reply! I know that it's coming from a good place that's why I want to know how to respond to people humbly yet graciously, you know. :-)

      Yeah... I don't think I can ever say "I know. right?" even in a joking way cause don't want to seem stuck up. :-P

    • As long as you laugh, it's all good. It's more about your body language than the words you say. :)