Develop feelings for random hook up?

Ladies do y'all ever develop feelings for a random hook up?


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  • No, I deliberately have tried not to get close to any of my hook ups.

    Theres reasons why these people are just hook ups and not your partner. Feelings only complicate things.

    • Does hooking up work well for you? How do you keep your feelings out of hook ups?

    • The past hook ups I have were successful and didn't reach that point.

      To avoid feelings from hook ups I would,

      -Have sex rather quickly after arriving (10-30 min span)

      -Leave right after sex

      -Only call the person when I want some again.

      Pretty much avoid conversations, cuddling (those are what lead to developing feelings). When you don't do those things you pretty much fall in love with the sex and not the person.

  • yes because usually for a girl to be willing to hook up they had to have had some sort of feelings for that guy even if its just a crush, or they at least had to have been attracted to him, unless she was blackout drunk. girls need a reason to have sex, guys just need a place


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