What makes a guy boring in a friendship or relationship?

Need some info females,like if I speak to her everyday will that make you get used to us and get bored or something ?


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  • "How are you?" - end of convo -

    I like it when guys ask that question, I really do, but if they're asking that with nothing else in mind and they don't even try to carry the convos or questions you ask them after it's really boring.

    If you speak to her everyday in a dull tone it will be boring, if you make it seem like she's a time filler, it will be boring.

    If you sound happy and into the convo, even if you call her everyday we won't get bored if you're also concerned about our lives and ask us questions. It's definitely a good thing if you don't forget what we've told you.


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  • -Not going out with his girlfriend (or not doing activities they both enjoy together).

    -Same old conversation (nothing new or interesting to talk about).

    -Same sex routine (It starts off the same way, and ends the same way) <<after a while that becomes boring.

    -Not wanting to be adventorous (or try new things), just wants to stay inside of his self box.

  • I broke up with my boyfriend because things got not a routine. We text when I finished college until he went to work that night, then he would text we as soon as he finished work until we both went to sleep. It became boring and predictable and we had less and less to say each time but still the conversations dragged on. Mix it up a little call her when she doesn't expect it. Text her good morning or goodnight but not the rest of the day. Go a day without tenting her, just don't fall into a routine. It drove me insane.

  • When I met my Boyfriend he was used to phoning His GFs everyday I had to tell him tht he didn't need to call me every day. When he stopped I missed it! What I realized Is tht is not tht I didn't want to hear from him every day I just didn't feel the need for a full blown conversation! I enjoyed tlkn to him briefly, the odd short call a few times a wk and a very brief text saying nothing more than thinking of u, night night xx, how's your day going? I loved to hear from him every day bt having to talk on the phone every day about nothing ended up feeling like I was a helpline or complaining about work helpline! Just remember women love you to clock in to let them know your thnking of us bt just keep the allure without being too cold is wht we want, a combo of txtn and the odd call is perfect in my opinion, my Boyfriend does this and when he does call I get so excited!


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