Why won't he leave me alone I not the noddy girl type he usually likes?

Years have past we close no sex though, I broke it up our friendship moving to fast and we were involved with other people. He said he did not want this, I did. He got mad ignored me completely then talk to me treat me like we still close this happen off and on. Right know he's flirty tells me we still close. He tries to spend time with me but it not the same, he feels good I somewhat flattered but at the same time yet a little bored. I have a little feelings for him but not enough to go back to him. That's understandable a lot things happen between us good and bad. I don't understand why he keeps trying to get with me. I thought he only wanted sex. When I told him no he ignored me for a while know he's back. Not sure if he really likes me or not.


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  • Looks like you both did some misjudging. Telling him 'no' is not productive. You need to him to understand and accept your reasons, although he doesn't have to like them.


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